La Caravana

Located on the grounds of 1770 Getaway, this family-owned café offers a warm atmosphere with a menu featuring hearty breakfasts, flavorful brunches, aromatic coffee, and refreshing smoothies.

Discover La Caravana, a hidden gem nestled in the grounds of 1770 Getaway. Perfect for those on holiday and enjoying the great outdoors, La Caravana offers a delightful escape for families and nature enthusiasts alike and is a favourite spot for the locals.

This family-owned café invites guests to relax in its expansive grassy area, where you can unwind in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Whether you’re in the mood for a hearty breakfast, a flavourful brunch, aromatic coffee, or a refreshing smoothie, the menu offers both sweet and savoury treats.

Javi, the proud owner and operator of La Caravana Café, ensures every visitor experiences genuine warmth and hospitality. So, whether you’re starting your day or in need of a delicious pit stop, La Caravana is the perfect place to recharge and enjoy good company.

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