Reef Break 

Reef Break Agnes Water is a community-minded, family-run coffee shop in Endeavour Plaza, open daily from 6:00am. Enjoy locally sourced bagels, juices, smoothies, and unique coffee options.

Reef Break Agnes Water is a beloved coffee shop located in Shop 4A, Endeavour Plaza, open 7 days a week from 6:00am. This family-run café prides itself on being community-minded and sourcing locally.

The menu features popular bagels with options like veggie, ham & cheese, slow-cooked brisket, and blueberry with cream cheese. Gluten-free choices are also available. Their cold-pressed juices, such as the “Green Room,” are made in-house from fresh, local produce. Also, you can do a spot of retro and vintage shopping while you’re there.

For those seeking a health boost, HEMP protein can be added to any coffee or smoothie. The café also offers sparkling coconut water in original, watermelon, and passion fruit flavours.

Smoothies come in delicious flavours like mango, banana, and berry, with the option for custom blends. The ‘Coral Cups,’ inspired by the Southern Great Barrier Reef, are a must-try, featuring toasted muesli, Greek yoghurt, and seasonal fruits.

Acai bowls, another popular item, include a blend of acai berries topped with granola, fresh fruit, and other delicious toppings.

Reef Break Agnes Water provides a refreshing and wholesome experience for all visitors.

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